What Plant Stays Green All Year?

What plants stay green all year round?

10 Plants for Year-round Containers’Golden Sword’ yucca combines with almost anything.

‘Green Mountain’ boxwood keeps its color all year.

Golden creeping Jenny is perfect for the edge of the pot.


Japanese pieris has colorful new growth.

‘Emerald’ arborvitae works where you need some height.

Bergenia has bold leaves that shine in containers.More items….

What is a good winter plant?

From snowdrops to pansies and hellebore to holly, if you aren’t sure which buds to plant as things start to cool down, these beautiful flowers are a great place to start. … While most primroses bloom in the spring, the English Primrose is a go-to in the winter.

What plants stay green in the winter?

Five great perennials that stay green all through the winter. Some of these useful garden plants also have berries or flowers. Gaultheria procumbens, or creeping wintergreen, forms mats of shiny green leatherlike leaves and produces red berries that are cheerful in winter.

What shrubs look good all year round?

Top 10 Evergreen ShrubsDaphne. Daphne plants are well loved for their small but incredibly fragrant flowers which appear in winter and early spring, when little else in the garden is growing. … 2. Box. … Fatsia. … Lavender. … Aucuba. … Camellia. … Euonymus. … Mahonia.More items…

What is the fastest growing evergreen shrub?

Green Giant Arborvitae This hybrid Thuja typically grows 3 feet per year, with some reports circulating of it growing 5 feet in one year! If you need a fast-growing, large, evergreen Arborvitae hedge, Green Giant is a perfect choice.

What potted plants can survive winter?

10 Winter-Friendly Plants for Your Outdoor SpacePotted Blue Spruce. The Colorado blue spruce is one of the most iconic evergreens associated with holiday decorating. … Boxwood Hedge. … Cypress Topiary. … Thread-Branch Cypress. … Brown’s Yew. … Winter Gem Boxwood. … Ligustrum. … English Boxwood.More items…•

What plants keep their leaves all year?

Bushes that keep their leaves throughout the year are called evergreen shrubs. In U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10, even semi-evergreen plants keep their leaves during the winter. These types of bushes add color and coverage to the landscape for the entire year.

What are the best shrubs for front of house?

Upright conical evergreen trees and shrubs such as arborvitae, spruces, boxwood, and yews are excellent choices for planting at house corners. Columnar trees can frame the front of your house and accent your other foundation plants.

How do you build a low maintenance garden?

TakeawaysKeep plant variety to a minimum.Avoid investing in a lawn, as they require more maintenance.Consider creating a gravel garden.Invest in automatic sprinklers.Focus on hardscaping.Avoid planting many tender plants.Try to avoid plants that attract pests, such as snails.

What plants bloom all year round?

Low Maintenance Plants That Will Bloom Year RoundLow Maintenance Flowers for Your Garden. If you want to have some colour in your garden, but don’t have time to tend to high maintenance flowers, these may be perfect for you:Bird of Paradise. … Oleander. … Kangaroo Paw. … Japanese sacred bamboo. … Camellias.

What are the best low maintenance shrubs?

Low maintenance shrubs: 18 choices for your gardenEarly spring-flowering low maintenance shrubs. … Weigela: Weigela florida and hybrids. … Mid-spring flowering shrubs. … Smokebush: Cotinus coggygrai. … Summer flowering low maintenance shrubs. … Japanese spirea: Spiraea japonica. … Oakleaf hydrangea: Hydrangea quercifolia. … Summersweet clethra: Clethra alnifolia.More items…

What evergreen shrubs grow well in full sun?

Some are flowering, like gardenia (Gardenia augusta) with their elegant blossoms, while others offer glossy leaves and bright berries, like holly varieties (Ilex spp.) Other interesting evergreen shrubs for sun include bamboo-like nandina (Nandina domestica) or cotoneaster (Cotoneaster spp.)

What should I plant in front of my house?

10 Plants to Add Instant Curb Appeal When Selling Your HomeNandina. Nandina, or heavenly bamboo, provides four-season curb appeal in some regions (the plants are evergreen in Zones 8-10 and semi-evergreen or deciduous in Zones 6-8). … Hydrangea. … Azalea. … Rose. … Hosta. … Daylily. … Annuals. … Deutzia.More items…

What plants are good for all seasons?

Your summer bouquet and flower bed isn’t complete without these annual flowers that bloom all summer.Marigold. Marigolds are easy to care for. … Geranium. … Vinca. … Zinnia. … Impatiens. … Cornflower. … Begonia. … Petunia.More items…•