What Are The Features Of Data Warehouse?

Which one is a unique feature of data warehouse?

Subject Oriented– One of the key features of a data warehouse is the orientation it follows.

Non-volatile–The data in a warehouse is of the non-volatile type which ensures that your previous data is not lost as new data is updated which separates them for operational databases which are subject to frequent changes..

What are components and features of data warehouse?

A typical data warehouse has four main components: a central database, ETL (extract, transform, load) tools, metadata, and access tools. All of these components are engineered for speed so that you can get results quickly and analyze data on the fly.

What are different types of data warehouse?

Types of Data WarehouseThree main types of Data Warehouses (DWH) are:Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW):Operational Data Store:Data Mart:Offline Operational Database:Offline Data Warehouse:Real time Data Warehouse:Integrated Data Warehouse:More items…•

How do you structure a data warehouse?

7 Steps to Data WarehousingStep 1: Determine Business Objectives. … Step 2: Collect and Analyze Information. … Step 3: Identify Core Business Processes. … Step 4: Construct a Conceptual Data Model. … Step 5: Locate Data Sources and Plan Data Transformations. … Step 6: Set Tracking Duration. … Step 7: Implement the Plan.

What is OLTP and OLAP?

OLTP and OLAP: The two terms look similar but refer to different kinds of systems. Online transaction processing (OLTP) captures, stores, and processes data from transactions in real time. Online analytical processing (OLAP) uses complex queries to analyze aggregated historical data from OLTP systems.

What are the applications of data warehouse?

Applications of a Data WarehouseIdentify the potential risk of default and manage and control collections.Performance analysis of each product, service, interchange, and exchange rates.Track performance of accounts and user data.Provide feedback to bankers regarding customer relationships and profitability.

What are the four characteristics of a data warehouse?

Characteristics and Functions of Data warehouseSubject-oriented – A data warehouse is always a subject oriented as it delivers information about a theme instead of organization’s current operations. … Integrated – It is somewhere same as subject orientation which is made in a reliable format. … Time-Variant – … Non-Volatile –

What is data warehousing concepts?

A data warehouse is a relational database that is designed for query and analysis rather than for transaction processing. It usually contains historical data derived from transaction data, but it can include data from other sources.

What is the heart of data warehouse?

At the heart of a data warehouse is a database or a logical meta store of data with a data integration framework making up the backbone.