Question: Why Is Vaseline Used In The Experiment?

Why is transpiration an important process in a plant?

It has two main functions: cooling the plant and pumping water and minerals to the leaves for photosynthesis.

Plants need to cool themselves for several reasons.

Transpiration is an evaporative cooling system that brings down the temperature of plants, but since it leads to water loss, it must be accurately regulated..

How can we improve the Potometer experiment?

Use the same stem during the whole experiment to get the same readings. If using a potometer, and the bubble gets too close to the plant, one can open the stopcock (tap), to allow extra water into the tube and push the bubble back to the start. This resets the potometer for further readings.

What type of seeds are used in this experiment?

Answer. ✨GERMINATING seeds are used in the experiment to show that CO2 is given out during respiration…

What is the role of KOH in this experiment?

Potassium hydroxide is used in the experiment for the absorption of CO2 from the plant released during respiration. When KOH absorbs CO2, it creates a vacuum in the flask. The air present in the bent glass tube moves into the conical flask. This pulls the water in the bent tube further up.

Why are most stomata at the bottom of the leaf?

All surfaces of the leaf have some amount of stomata for regulating gas exchange for photosynthesis. However, the lower epidermis (the underside of the leaf) has more, because it is more often in the shade and so it is cooler, which means evaporation won’t take place as much.

What does vaseline do to plants?

When petroleum jelly is applied underneath, stomata get completely blocked thereby preventing photosynthesis. The plant got water and sunlight, yet it died as it was not able to process food. When petroleum jelly is applied only on top of the leaves, stomata are not blocked.

Why is Vaseline used in the respiration experiment?

Vaseline is used in this experiment to prevent the escape of carbon dioxide making the apparatus airtight.

What will happen if the epidermis is covered with a layer of Vaseline?

Applying Vaseline, in real life experiment it will reduce water loss from upper surface to moderate and from lower surface to minimum ( more stomata is present on lower surface). … The stomata would be covered and there would be no photosynthesis and transpiration.

What happens if stomata are blocked?

Transpiration which takes place through stomata would be affected adversely. Gaseous exchange also takes place through stomata. So, if stomata are blocked, gaseous exchange would be affected which would decrease photosynthesis. So the plant will eventually die.

Why does respiration increase with temperature?

The increase in temperature enhances the rate of cellular respiration. It is due to the heat speeds up the reactions, means the kinetic energy is higher. It means reactions speed up and rate of cellular respiration increases. When temperature decreases, in order to conserve energy, cellular processes slow.

What will happen if we apply Vaseline on leaves?

The leaves of a healthy plant coated with vaseline will not remain healthy because the vaseline coating will block the stomata. As a result, The plant would not get oxygen for respiration. It would not get carbon dioxide to carry out photosynthesis.

How does Vaseline affect transpiration?

Covering the lower side of the leaves with petroleum jelly would block the stomata and prevent the evaporation of water from the leaf. deciduous (broad) leaf? … The conifer leaf has a smaller surface area and would therefore have a lower rate of transpiration than a leaf of a deciduous plant.

How will you show that germinating seeds respire?

The rise in level water indicates that carbon dioxide is released as a result of germinating gram seeds during the process of respiration in the conical flask. … Hence, the water level in the tube changes.

What affects transpiration the most?

Environmental factors that affect the rate of transpirationLight. Plants transpire more rapidly in the light than in the dark. … Temperature. Plants transpire more rapidly at higher temperatures because water evaporates more rapidly as the temperature rises. … Humidity. … Wind. … Soil water.

What happens when you put a leaf in water?

When the leaf is submerged it is using light to continue the process of photosynthesis. Part of this process is to let oxygen out of the leaves. It is this oxygen that you are seeing as bubbles in the water. So while a plant does not breathe like we do (using lungs) it does take in and release air.

Can you replace cuticle with Vaseline in plants?

If you cover the leaves of healthy plant with vaseline, it will block its stomata and therefore it will not remain healthy for a long time. This is because plant will not get oxygen for respiration. it will not get carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

Is Vaseline bad for plants?

Rubbing vaseline on the leaves of real plants can be detrimental. However, you can make your fake plants look shiny and natural using it. It’s a simple Vaseline hack, clean the dust and wipe the leaves with Vaseline.