Question: Which Of The Following Ensures That The Subject Of An Activity Or Event Cannot Deny That The Event Occurred?

How can availability be compromised?

How can data availability be compromised.

Threats to availability include infrastructure failures like network or hardware issues; unplanned software downtime; infrastructure overload; power outages; and cyberattacks such as DDoS or ransomware attacks..

What are the different government data classification levels from highest to lowest?

Data Classification in Government organizations commonly includes five levels: Top Secret, Secret, Confidential, Sensitive, and Unclassified. These can be adopted by commercial organizations, but, most often, we find four levels, Restricted, Confidential, Internal, Public.

Which of the following is the lowest military data classification for classified data?

Of the options listed, secret is the lowest classified military data classification. Keep in mind that items labeled as confidential, secret, and top secret are collectively known as classified, and confidential is below secret in the list.

What is the most important purpose of information classification?

Information Classification helps to ensure that individuals involved inside the organization have the knowledge and are aware of the type of data they are working with and its value, as well as their obligations and responsibilities in protecting it and preventing data breach or loss.

What ensures that the subject of an activity or event Cannot deny that the event occurred?

The correct response is nonrepudiation. Nonrepudiation ensures that the subject of an event does not deny that the event occurred. It prevents the subject from claiming not to have sent a message or performing an action that caused an event.

What is the primary objective of data classification schemes?

Data classification is used to determine how much effort, money, and resources are allocated to protect the data and control access to it. The primary objective of data classification schemes is to formalize and stratify the process of securing …

Who is responsible for classifying information?

In most cases, the asset owner is responsible for classifying the information – and this is usually done based on the results of the risk assessment: the higher the value of information (the higher the consequence of breaching the confidentiality), the higher the classification level should be.

Which of the following is the highest classification level under the private sector classification system?

Top SecretCode Word classifications Top Secret is the highest level of classification.

Which of the following is the weakest element in any security solution?

humansRegardless of the specifics of a security solution, humans are the weakest element.

What is the primary purpose of information classification?

A. Information Classification. Information classification is the process of assigning value to information in order to organize it according to its risk to loss or harm from disclosure.

Why Data classification is required?

Data classification can help you make this determination. … An effective data classification process is important because it can help organizations determine the appropriate levels of control to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of their data.