Question: What’S Another Word For Echo?

What is the synonym of echoing?


What is Echo give example?

Echo is defined as a sound repeating by sound wave reflection, having a lasting or far reaching impact, or repeating what someone else has said. An example of echo is the repeating of a sound created by footsteps in an empty marble hallway.

What is an echo in writing?

For writing, an echo is not a yodel bouncing off a distant mountain, rather a repeat of a word or sound that jars the reader. … Some examples: The repetition of a common word in close proximity, especially if used in the same position in a sentence or paragraph.

What causes an echo?

An echo is a sound that is repeated because the sound waves are reflected back. Sound waves can bounce off smooth, hard objects in the same way as a rubber ball bounces off the ground. Although the direction of the sound changes, the echo sounds the same as the original sound.

What is Echo Short answer?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In linguistics, an echo answer or echo response is a way of answering a polar question without using words for yes and no. The verb used in the question is simply echoed in the answer, negated if the answer has a negative truth-value.

How long can an echo last?

The technician moves the transducer to visualize your heart from different angles. You may be asked to roll on your side or to hold your breath for a few seconds during the test. Overall, a transthoracic echo usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

How do you describe a sound?

Here are some adjectives for sound: lonely mournful, cheerful bumpy, heavily muffled and distant, magical sad, muffled and heavy, sorrowful, deep, reedy, insubstantial, beautifully loud, funereal, solemn, mysterious, alarming, entirely noncommittal, faint rasping, hypnotic but meaningless, somehow skeletal, long and …

What is echoing in communication?

Echo (one-to-all, one-to-one, or one-to-some distribution) is a group communications protocol where authenticated and encrypted information is addressed to members connected to a node. Adaptive Echo, Full Echo, and Half Echo can be chosen as several modes of the encrypted Echo protocol.

What does echo mean in a text?

Messages users sending texts in iOS 11 this fall will be able to share iMessages with two all-new Screen Effects in Apple’s texting app. Specifically, a new “Echo” option sends any selected piece of text to friends by multiplying the message all over the screen.

What’s the opposite of an echo?

What is the opposite of echo?containinhibitmufflerepressrestrainsmotherstiflesuppresscalmdeaden4 more rows

How do you use echo in a sentence?

Echo sentence examplesThe only response was the echo of an unanswered ring. … He listened, but heard only the echo of his call. … Nothing to echo off of, she supposed. … His groan brought an echo from the depths of her soul and she pressed closer. … The echo of little voices inspired several snickers from around them.More items…

What is plural for Echo?

echo. noun. \ ˈe-kō \ plural echoes.

What is the meaning of the word echo?

An echo is a repetition or imitation of sound. When sound waves hit a hard surface they might reflect, making the sound bounce and repeat. You were frightened when you thought someone was following you, until you realized you were only hearing the echo of your own footsteps. …

What does I echo your words mean?

V-ing. 4 verb If you echo someone’s words, you repeat them or express agreement with their attitude or opinion.

What is the use of echo?

Applications of echoes – example Echoes are used by bats, dolphins and fisherman to detect an object / obstruction. They are also used in SONAR (Sound navigation and ranging) and RADAR(Radio detection and ranging) to detect an obstacle.