Question: What Is The Function Of Filament?

What is the function of anther?

The main function of the anther of a flower is to produce the pollen of flowering plants.

The pollen contained within the anther provides the sperm necessary for reproduction..

What is filament in human body?

Filaments are the structural proteins of the cell. There are three types of filaments: microtubules, microfilaments (known as actin filaments), and intermediate filaments. … Other functions include helping with cell division, adhesion between cells, and movement of things within the cell.

What does filament mean?

noun. a very fine thread or threadlike structure; a fiber or fibril: filaments of gold.

What is the main function of filament?

The stamen of a flower — the part that produces pollen — consists of a slender stalk, called a filament and an anther. The filament supports the anther, which is where pollen develops. The word filament is from the Latin word filum, which means “thread.” Filament, in fact, can be a synonym for thread.

What is the function of filament in a bulb?

The filament is the part of the light bulb that produces light. Filaments in incandescent light bulbs are made of tungsten. Whenever an electric current goes through the filament, the filament glows.