Question: What Is Peak Hour In Traffic Volume Study?

What is peak hour traffic?

The ‘weekday’ estimates use Monday as the prototypical weekday, while ‘weekend’ estimates use Sunday.

The test time for the ‘Evening peak hour’ period is 5:30pm; for ‘Weekday off-peak’, it’s 11:00am; for ‘Weekened midday’, it’s 12:00pm; and for ‘Weekend morning’ and ‘Morning peak hour’, it’s 8:00am..

How do you calculate peak hour?

Interval Volume (pcu) The peak hour volume is just the sum of the volumes of the four 15 minute intervals within the peak hour (464 pcu). The peak 15 minute volume is 135 pcu in this case. The peak hour factor (PHF) is found by dividing the peak hour volume by four times the peak 15 minute volume.

What is traffic volume study?

 Traffic volume studies are conducted to determine the volume of traffic moving on the roads and classifications of roadway vehicles at a particular section during a particular time.

What is peak hour factor used for?

The Peak Hour Factor (PHF) is used to convert the hourly traffic volume into the flow rate that represents the busiest 15 minutes of the rush hour. Past research indicated that PHF has a strong impact on traffic analysis results.