Question: Is Coconut Flower Unisexual?

Which plant is unisexual?

The flowers which contain only the male or female reproductive organs are called unisexual flowers.

They are called incomplete flowers.

To reproduce they undergo cross-pollination.

Examples: Papaya, White mulberry and Watermelon..

Which flower is not unisexual?

GulmoharGulmohar is not a unisexual flower. The correct answer is C. Gulmohar. The flower which has either female or male reproductive system is called as Unisexual.

Are humans unisexual?

Human beings are called unisexual organisms because the male and female sexes are separate.

Is Rose a unisexual flower?

Unisexual and bisexual flowers are two types of flowers found in plants. … Bisexual flowers: Lily, Rose, Sunflower, Tulip, Daffodil, Mustard, Brinjal, Hibiscus, Tomato, Long bean, Chille, Country bean, mango.

Is tomato a unisexual flower?

Some plants produce bisexual flowers. These are flowers that are considered “perfect” (male and female part on same plant) flowers that can pollinate themselves. A good example of perfect flowers is the tomato plant. Other plants develop unisexual flowers or “imperfect” flowers (male or female part on another plant).

Is maize a unisexual flower?

Maize (Zea mays) is a monoecious plant that produces imperfect (unisexual) male flowers, or florets, in the tassel and imperfect female florets in the ear.

Are bananas unisexual?

The flowers of bananas are finger-shaped, with three petals and sepals, and are subtended by large, fleshy, bright reddish-colored scales, which fall off as the fruit matures. The flowers are imperfect (that is, unisexual), and the plants are monoecious, meaning individual plants contain both female and male flowers.

Is a unisexual flower?

A unisexual flower is defined as a flower that possesses either stamens or carpels. … For example, papaya, coconut flowers etc. Bisexual flowers are those flowers which possess both stamens and carpels. Within the same inflorescence, male and female reproductive parts are present.

Does papaya have unisexual flowers?

Papaya is unisexual or dioecious. The plant has separate male and female flowers.

What is the main function of a flower?

The primary purpose of a flower is reproduction. Since the flowers are the reproductive organs of plant, they mediate the joining of the sperm, contained within pollen, to the ovules — contained in the ovary. Pollination is the movement of pollen from the anthers to the stigma.

Is maize a flowering plant?

Maize is a monoecious plant that produces male flowers on a terminal tassel (Fig. 1A) and female flowers on lateral ears (Fig. 1B), which arise in the axils of vegetative leaves. The tassel initiates several long, indeterminate branches at the base while the ear consists of a single spike with no long branches.